Health department warns against illegal mobile meat sale

If someone approaches you about buying meat out of the back of a truck or a backpack, don’t do it, the Brown County Health Department warns.

Jennifer Heller Rugenstein said Wednesday that it’s come to the health department’s attention that someone has been attempting to sell meat illegally in Brown County. This isn’t the first time this has happened, she said.

“None of these people are authorized to sell meat in this county,” a warning from the health department reads. “The health department has strict requirements to sell any kind of food within the county. The only authorized mobile meat vendor in our county is Schwan Foods in the yellow truck,” the department said.

“There is great risk in buying meat or seafood from unlicensed vendors,” the warning says. “Sometimes this meat is obtained from places where it has been discarded due to being past the usable date, and it is repackaged and resold.”

Such meat can harbor toxins which produce E.coli, a bacteria which can cause liver failure and death, the department said.

“Ask any vendor to produce a license from the health department. If they cannot provide this, DO NOT BUY their products,” the warning says. “Please contact either the sheriff’s department, town police or the health department if you see meat being sold illegally in town. Help put a stop to this illegal and dangerous practice.”

Sheriff: 812-988-6655

Town police: 812-988-5533

Health department: 812-988-2255