Maple Leaf Center IDEM letter for storm water discharge

Legal Notice

BROWN COUNTY MAPLE LEAF MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC. is submitting an NOI letter to notify the Indiana Department of Environmental Management of our intent to comply with the requirements under 327 IAC 15-5 to discharge storm water from construction activities for the following project: “Maple Leaf Nashville, Indiana” located on the South side of S.R. 46 approximately 500 feet East of Hawthorn Dr. in Nashville, Indiana. Run-off from the project site will discharge to North Fork of Salt Creek. Questions or comments should be directed to Kevin Ault, Pres. with BROWN COUNTY MAPLE LEAF MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC. at PO Box 151, Nashville, IN 47448.

32031560 4/4, 2018 hspaxlp 18-69