‘Look what we did’: Ribbon cut on Brown County Music Center

Two years ago, Barry Herring stood before a crowd at the Brown County Playhouse to announce a plan to build a music center.

“I closed the presentation by saying, ‘Look what we can do,'” he said.

About a year later, he stood before another crowd at the groundbreaking. “At that point in time … I said, ‘Look what we are doing.’

“Now tonight, standing before you, look what we did,” he said to a round of applause.

Kevin Ault and Herring cut a long, gold ribbon on the Brown County Music Center Aug. 15.

After soft openings on Aug. 17 and 21, Vince Gill will take the stage as the first national act in front of a sold-out crowd on Aug. 24.

“It boggles the mind that we’re a community and county of 15,000 residents. Can you believe that a county of 15,000 residents pulled off a project like this? It just boggles my mind,” Herring said.

“It’s something that everyone in the community should be proud of and something that I think case studies will be written about for years to come.”

Read more about this event in next week’s Democrat.

Here are photos from the event: