Letter: House bill is ‘direct political attack on our voting rights’

To the editor:

I read, with dismay, the letter to the editor by Judith East supporting the House Bill H.R. 1. It is a direct political attack on our voting rights. If it succeeds in passing both the House and Senate, it will end the democratic voting process in this nation forever. It’s a monstrosity of dangerous requirements for a mandate for all 50 states to abide by voting directives created by politicians in Washington, and its only real purpose is to assure that one party is able to stay in power continuously.

Here are some of the unbelievable aspects of this travesty to our nation:

  • Automatic registrations with no vetting process;
  • Voting day voter registrations;
  • Online registrations;
  • Prohibiting states for purging outdated and inactive voters;
  • Requiring states to count illegal aliens in districts when redrawing Congressional districts;
  • Adjust the number of members in the Federal Elections Commission from 6 to 5;
  • Assuring that one party could control all its actions.

There are many other mandates in this flawed legislation that have nothing to do with bettering our election process. It’s all about government control of our individual control of our voting process.

They are all in direct conflict with the way the Constitution has indicated the voting process in our Republic is to be conducted. Even the A.C.L.U. states, It’s a bill for politicians, not the people. Some of the top law schools across the country have stated it will not pass Constitutional muster before the SCOTUS.

So, unlike Judith East, I would request to contact your Congressional and Senate members and urge NOT to support this dangerous legislation.

J.D. Ray, Nashville

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