Letter: Efforts against the local ‘good ole boy system’

To the editor:

I am getting ready to file my next lawsuit against Brown County. This will be the sixth lawsuit I will be involved in in this county. Unreal huh?

Let’s start at the beginning. My husband and I bought a repo in Brown County. We are both from the Center Grove area. Nearly two years ago, I was leaving this neighborhood and met a log truck in the middle of my 16-foot-wide road. I found this frightening and alarming. I contacted the planning office. I discovered that my neighbors are using their property in a way that is prohibited by the Brown County Zoning Ordinance. In other words, they are breaking the law. My neighbors never asked for permission to operate an industrial park inside of this residential neighborhood. This had been going on for over 10 years.

I filed a complaint and the process started. Planning and zoning only enforces the ordinance when a complaint is filed. So here I am now, four closed lawsuits with my neighbors under my belt. I won them all. I have one pending against the county and am initiating one today (April 29). I’ve been defamed, and just last week had my mailbox destroyed. All because I took a stand against an injustice.

FYI, Jerry Pittman spoke about the selective enforcement in the health department. I agree; however, it’s not just the health department, it’s systemic, commonly called the “Good ole boy” system.
<p style="text-align: right"><strong>Sherrie Mitchell, Brown County</strong></p>