New job for council member


Nashville’s new utility coordinator won’t have to move far to get to his new seat at the head table in Town Hall.

Sitting town council member Sean Cassiday resigned his part-time post July 10 to take the full-time job formerly filled by Roger Bush.

Bush resigned in May to take a job in Evansville.

Bush’s job title was town superintendent; Cassiday’s is town utility coordinator. He started July 13.

While Bush had a great deal of direct involvement in operating the water, sewer and street departments, Cassiday will take on more of a “daily direction and leadership” role, Town Manager Scott Rudd said.

Cassiday works as a department manager at Lowe’s in Bloomington. He has lived in Brown County since he was a toddler; he and his wife, Anna, are raising their family here.

He was appointed to the town council in October 2009 to fill the seat of his father, Dale Cassiday. Dale Cassiday had served since 2003.

“Sean has a background in construction and management-type experience,” town council President Charles “Buzz” King said. “The committee agreed he was best for the position, and I agree.”

King said Cassiday will be taking classes toward some certifications for his new job.

Rudd will supervise Cassiday and chief administrator Phyllis Carr.

Because Cassiday, as a town council member, had been Rudd’s boss, Rudd did not participate in interviews of candidates. A committee of two council members and Nashville Clerk-Treasurer Brenda Young chose three people to interview among the seven or eight applicants and made a recommendation about hiring to Rudd, who had that responsibility.

Most of the applicants were local, but some also came from out of town.

“It was a very competitive process,” Rudd said.

During the June 5 meeting at which replacing Bush was discussed, Cassiday participated in discussion about what the job should be called and what the basic duties would be, but chose not to participate in talk about salary.

“I have no doubt he’ll be a great utilities coordinator. He’ll be able to take one hat off and put the new one on,” Rudd said. “He’s been a town resident for a long time, owns a house in town. I think he’ll be great in this role for a long time.”

Cassiday could not be reached for comment before press time.

New council


Cassiday’s council term was to end this year. He did not file for re-election; that deadline was June 30.

Only one person did file for council District 2: Alisha Gredy.

King said since she was the only person to seek election, he’ll recommend that the council appoint her.

That way, there may not be a reason to have a town election this year, because only Cassiday, council member Jane Gore and Young were on the ballot, and Gore and Young have no opposition, King said.