SCHOOL NEWS: Board approves renovation projects at high school


The Brown County School Board of Trustees formally approved multiple renovation projects at Brown County High School that will be funded with a bond.

In July, the board approved resolutions to borrow $8 million for two separate HVAC and general maintenance projects at the high school.

The board initially decided to go with projects that were below a $5.75 million possible remonstrance threshold. The HVAC project at the high school is separate from the general maintenance project in the gymnasium, so each project does not go above the $5.75 million threshold.

A declaration the board approved this summer stated that the bond will not exceed $8 million to pay or reimburse the district for the projects.

The bond will be repaid back over five years. The bond will be issued this fall and payments are set to begin in 2022. The bond will not affect the district’s debt service tax rate, which means Brown County taxpayers should not see any increase to their property taxes.

At the Sept. 16 board meeting, the school board formally approved the HVAC system project at the high school and renovating the locker rooms there.

The HVAC system replacement project will include changing over all of the building’s air handling units, windows, some classroom doors that did not have proper ventilation and changing fluorescent bulbs to LED along with ceiling tiles in certain areas.

The renovations in the locker room will be done to become compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Epoxy floor will also be installed along with building individual shower stalls.

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