Local winery harvests first crop of grapes

GNAW BONE — A harvest of Catawba grapes were recently picked from vines grown at Brown County Winery on State Road 46 East.

The vineyard is primarily for education and demonstration, but the winery was able to manage it so that there was a harvest this year.

The result was around 35 gallons of grapes. It has yet to be determined what style of wine will be made from the grapes.

The vineyard was planted in the spring of 2018.

Grapevines take a few years to be trained into the correct shape and develop overall health before a large crop of grapes can be harvested, Ben Schrodt with the winery said.

Brown County Winery was established here in 1985. It has a tasting room in downtown Nashville at 47 East Main Street and the winery is located at 4520 State Road 46 East.