ELECTION RESULTS: County-level offices

This document will be updated all evening as more precinct runners report in to the newsroom.

Unofficial Brown County results with 11 of 11 precincts reporting and WITH absentee votes:

County prosecutor

2,198 (R) Ted Adams

County clerk

1,337 (R) Pearletta Banks

1,048 (R) Kathy Grimes Smith

County auditor

2,117 (R) Julia Reeves

County sheriff

226 (R) D. Scott Bowling

1,486 (R) Brad Stogsdill

870 (R) Chad Williams

County coroner

717 (R) Vivian Jo-Lynn Grimes

1,618 (R) Michael R. Moore

County assessor

2,111 (R) Mari H. Miller

County commissioner Dist. 2

845 (R) Diana McDonald Biddle

551 (R) John Kennard

1,064 (R) Ronald A. Sanders

495 (D) Stephanie Porter Kritzer

County council Dist. 1

468 (R) Gary Huett

County council Dist. 2

446 (R) Darren Byrd

County council Dist. 3

746 (R) Joel Kirby

223 (D) Gregory A. May

County council Dist. 4

109 (R) Kyle Clark

349 (R) Jim Kemp

167 (R) Scott Waddell

175 (D) Marcia Grooms Taylor

Republican state convention delegates

396 (R) Krista August

782 (R) Diana McDonald Biddle

672 (R) Mark Bowman

463 (R) Tanner Bowman

627 (R) Kimberly Brock

263 (R) Joseph P. Havlin

241 (R) Michelle D. Havlin

501 (R) Alex Miller

496 (R) Maddison Miller

411 (R) Heather Nicholson

638 (R) Ben Phillips

637 (R) Cindy Rose Wolpert

426 (R) Greg S. Smith

595 (R) Kathy Grimes Smith

444 (R) Clint Studabaker

553 (R) Jennifer “Jenni” Voris

424 (R) Larry Voris

1,399 (R) Chad Williams

677 (R) Blake Wolpert

Democrat state convention delegates

447 (D) Melanie Voland

385 (D) MK Watkins

415 (D) Linda Welty

413 (D) Diana H. Wright

Hamblen Township precinct committeeman

43 (D) MK Watkins (Hamblen 1)

Jackson Township precinct committeeman

25 (D) Rick A. Bond (Jackson 3)

Van Buren township precinct committeemen

No candidates

Washington Township precinct committeemen

69 (D) Herbert Brown (Washington 1)

74 (D) Linda C. Lawson (Washington 2)