Letters to the editor for week of June 22

Do not ‘burden’ taxpayers with another referendum

To the editor:

Let me start by saying this letter is not meant to be an anti-school proclamation. I am only asking the Brown County school board to be reasonable and consider the state of the economy before continuing with their request for more money. With inflation at its highest since the Carter administration this is definitely not the time to burden the tax payers with another “referendum.”

At this time we are faced with a 25% rate hike in water and sewer costs. Also due to the energy policies of the current administration, our utility — heat and electric — costs are predicted to sky rocket in the coming months.

The last couple of years the school system has received a tremendous amount of additional funding from both state and federal programs that were above and beyond regular funding.

One final note: I was taken aback at the last referendum when the previous administration had school children posted at each of the voting locations lobbying for passage. Ironically, those taxpayers’ funds went to teachers’ salaries, not for the students.


Jim Hahn, Nashville

Cartoonist ‘spot on’ about roads conditions

To the editor:

Thanks to Irene Olds for her recent political cartoon regarding the state of roads in Brown County. She was spot on!

I reported online — using the requested app by the Brown County Highway Department — the seven large potholes on Green Valley Road in early March. Approximately a month later someone came out and circled the holes — only five — in florescent orange paint.

Thinking ‘Wow, this road condition reporting method is working,’ I waited for those holes to be patched. Here it is, the middle of June, and still not repaired and now there are 12 large potholes!

Apparently this app will not ensure repair or expedite it. Guess everything is the same as always.

Marylin Day, Nashville

Thanks to town paving crews amid heat wave

To the editor:

Just a word of thanks to the paving crews that are resurfacing Nashville streets during this brutally hot weather. Hard, dirty work, but the streets look great.

Thanks also to Phyllis Carr and the Town Hall staff for securing the funding and their responsiveness to requests from local residents.


Dan Snow, Nashville

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