Deborah Bowden’s latest publications: “Horus the Misunderstood Buzzard: Moonbeam Is Different,” “Daylilies and Nightshades: A Book of Poetry and Prose” and “Felicia Tales: The Misadventures of Felicia Brown: Felicia and the Groundhog’s Day Misadventure.”

Abigail Youmans | The Democrat

The collection of written works by local author Deborah Bowden has grown over the years as she brings new characters, series and topics into the literary world she has curated.


Bowden, who also writes under the pseudonym Rosemary Coven, recently released three new books: “Horus the Misunderstood Buzzard: Moonbeam Is Different,” “Daylilies and Nightshades: A Book of Poetry and Prose” and “Felicia Tales: The Misadventures of Felicia Brown: Felicia and the Groundhog’s Day Misadventure.”

Her inspiration comes from her own childhood, stories from her father along with her three cats — and all nature.

And she is not stopping writing anytime soon.

“I have several books outlined and waiting in the wings — both children’s and horror. Enough to keep me busy for a few more years and out of trouble,” the retired teacher said.

Bowden first fell in love with Brown County on a visit here with friends from Ball State in 1970. She continued to visit every summer, for every vacation and on most weekends.

“I married here, own property here and raised a daughter here. I’ll be buried here. This is home,” she said.

She wishes to share more about her latest books with the community she loves by answering questions from The Brown County Democrat.

Q: In 25 words or less, what are your books about?

A: “Horus the Misunderstood Buzzard: Moonbeam Is Different” This is the third book in this series. I won second place in a contest with the first book and Pen It! Publications asked to publish all of them. In this book, Tid-Bit is in his garden visiting with Horus and Giblet when a sleepy little moth named Moonbeam lands nearby. She is confused and thinks she is a butterfly that doesn’t fit in with the others. She is tired all the time and just wants to sleep while the others are flittering around during the day. Can the three friends help her see her true identity? Follow Horus and all the lovable characters in this “underdog” series as they help each other solve personal problems and win friends and self-esteem.

“Daylilies and Nightshades: A Book of Poetry and Prose” is the companion book to “Dandelions and Other Weeds.” I explore the other side of storytelling by mixing darker words with the familiar jovial stories from earlier. This sister anthology contains bits from my life, childhood memories and short fiction. It contains the duality of life where not everything is a happily-ever-after finish. Life is about ups and downs, joy and sorrow, and shadowy days that follow sunny afternoons.

“Felicia Tales: The Misadventures of Felicia Brown: Felicia and the Groundhog’s Day Misadventure” is the first book in this series. Felicia seems like the perfect child. She has curly hair, and a sweet, polite disposition. She has a dog named Discrepancy and a cat named Atrocious who definitely live up to their names. Add this very smart little girl with big ideas into the mix and trouble always follows. In this book about learning situations with acts and consequences, Felicia finds a way to wake up Sam, the groundhog, so summer can be saved.

Q: What inspired you to write them?

A: “Moonbeam”: I was a bit of a nerd in school and very tall. I know what it’s like to be called names and made fun of, but I also know it is very possible to rise about that treatment and gain self esteem. I decided to write a series of children’s books with that theme in mind. My characters aren’t “body-beautifuls” but they have great capacity for love and loyalty.

“Daylilies and Nightshades”: In Dandelions I shared lighthearted, happy memories, as well as short stories, poems and personal musings. I thought this companion book needed to balance the scales between happy times and darker times, so this garden features night-blooming flowers as well as more sunny ones. They too are beautiful and as thought-provoking as moonlight.

“Felicia Tales”: These stories are based on the ones my father wrote me as a child when he traveled. I missed him so much that these tales, arriving one each week, were his way of staying connected to me and showing how much he also missed me. I always loved the antics of Felicia, Discrepancy and Atrocious. In turn, I created similar stories for my daughter. She insisted that I write them for other children to enjoy. I have dedicated this entire series to Bradley Garrison Patrick and to my daughter Erin Bradleigh Bowden.

Q: Have you written any other books?

A: “Mr. Bramble Bones: Too Cold to Play”; “Mr. Bramble Bones and Grimmy Share a Home”; “Mr. Bramble Bones and Grimmy Clean Up”; “Mr. Bramble Bones and Grimmy: The Mystery of the Missing Blue Blanket”; “Mr. Bramble Bones and Grimmy: The Ghost Hunters”; “Mr. Bramble Bones and Grimmy: A Christmas to Remember”; “The Sack Lunch”; “Horus the Misunderstood Buzzard: Horus Has a Problem”; “Horus the Misunderstood Buzzard: Snickers Has a Toothache”; “Dandelions and Other Weeds”; “Kudzu: Beyond Control” (under Rosemary Coven); “Little Lestoil Ladies: the Cream of Premium Dolls and How to Identify Them”; “Pat and Little Pat: A slightly Unconventional Cookbook from a Dad and Daughter”

“Mr. Bramble Bones Is Cold” has been discontinued as has the “Felicia Tales” anthology. PenIt Publications has contracted my entire Bramble Bones series, Horus the Buzzard series and the Felicia Tales series. All past published books are being revised and published in hardback.

Two new children’s books from the Horus and Bramble Bones series are in the process of being illustrated. A new Felicia Tales is also being readied. My second horror novel, “30 Hydes,” will be out this summer. I think that makes 19 books so far and more coming.

Q: What’s the last book you read? Do you have a favorite?

A: I read a lot of books either to improve my writing skills or to research material for books. For enjoyment, I love a good murder mystery. I don’t really have a favorite in that category, but I love the “Midnight Louis” series with a black cat as a private eye.

Q: Where can people buy the books, and for how much?

A: They can be found on Amazon or directly from me by emailing [email protected]