Petition filed against county clerk, election board

The Brown County Circuit Court will not take action on a petition filed against the Brown County Election Board and Brown County Clerk to retain election data from the 2020 presidential election.

The petition was filed by Krista August of Brown County, on behalf of Brown County Voters for Election Integrity and said that it “prays this court enter an order” directing the clerk and election board to retain all election records from the 2020 general election beyond the 22 months it is legally required by law.

The petition filed by Brown County Voters for Election Integrity said that there is controversy about the election that undermines public confidence and leads to “unnecessary division and acrimony.”

It also requested an order be placed by the court to direct the clerk and election board to provide the names of all software programs that Brown County uses for election management, names of vendors used in election management (poll books, tabulators, ballots, etc.), a list of all components of the election with wireless capabilities, how wireless capabilities are confirmed to be disabled and the name of the person in charge of managing the status of wireless capabilities.

According to a notice from Judge Mary Wertz dated Aug. 25, the filing does not comply with Indiana State Rules of Trial Procedure.

The court further notified the petitioner it would not take action on said petition until requirements were met.