ELECTION GUIDE: What your school referendum vote means

Shall Brown County Schools increase property taxes paid to the school corporation by homeowners and businesses for eight (8) years immediately following the holding of the referendum for the purpose of funding the Taxpayer Investment Plan which will include providing for teacher and staff salaries, benefits and programs, Birth-5 program and funding the Career Resource Center?

If this public question is approved by the voters, the average property tax paid to the school corporation per year on a residence would increase by 33.91% and the average property tax paid to the school corporation per year on a business property would increase by 20.91%. These increases are on the school portion of property taxes only, not the entire property tax bill. The most recent property tax referendum proposed by the school corporation was held in 2016 and passed.

What does a ‘Yes’ vote mean? What does a ‘No’ vote mean?

A “Yes” vote means continued funding to support of Brown County schools and students via tax assessment by renewing the operating referendum at the rate of 12 cents per $100 of assessed property value – a 4-cent tax rate increase in the school levy. To the average home value in Brown County, this is an additional $3.26 per month. If the referendum passes, funds will support teacher salaries, early childhood education, the Career Resource Center and more. Brown County Schools will be able to offer a full Birth-5 Program with the support of this referendum and will continue to strengthen many innovative programs in theater, art, athletics and science.

A “No” vote means Brown County Schools lose $1,200,000 for programs and salaries when the 2016 school levy ends. If the referendum fails, Brown County Schools will be forced to increase class sizes, eliminate teaching positions and other educational options will be drastically reduced. The Brown County Career Resource Center, Early Childhood, Business and Entrepreneurship, and elementary science programs will face substantial cuts. Finally, programs in theater, art, and music extracurricular activities will be cut. And athletics programs will face an uncertain future.