BLOTTER: Chimney fire damages Gnaw Bone home; Traffic stop results in misdemeanor charge; Man faces 6 invasion of privacy counts

Fire spreads from chimney, damages home

GNAW BONE — Several units responded to a structure fire at a one-story home in the 4000 block of Hoover Road the evening of Dec. 1.

Units with Hamblen Township Volunteer Fire Department were first to arrive on scene, followed by Fruitdale Volunteer Fire Department, Brown County Volunteer Fire Department (Nashville), county and town officers and Ambulance 230.

Hamblen Fire Chief Arlan Pierce said last week the fire originated in the fireplace flue that was being used by the owners to heat the home. The flames radiated up into the trusses and upper attic of the structure, then spread from there, Pierce said.

No injuries were sustained, but Pierce estimated the fire to have damaged roughly 50% of the home.

According to Pierce about 25% to 30% of the damage was from fire and smoke, and another 25% to 30% was due to collapse.

The western part of the structure sustained primarily smoke damage and some water damage. Pierce said the firefighters had to put holes in the ceiling to reach the attic.

“It was a double roof system where they had built one part of the cabin, and then built another cabin, and they put a roof over a roof, so it was hard to get out because we had to tear into one roof to get into the other one,” he said last week.

A deputy from the Brown County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Red Cross to set up lodging for the homeowners.

Traffic stop results in felony, misdemeanor

HAMBLEN TWP. — A Nashville man faces a Level 6 felony and a Class B misdemeanor after a traffic stop last month.

On Nov. 23, Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy William Pool was parked at the intersection of Peoga Road and Sweetwater Trail when he noticed a black Chevrolet truck traveling towards him on Peoga Road.

Pool recognized the truck, knowing it belonged to 41-year-old Clayton Rushton, who had a driving status of “habitual traffic violator,” according to the probable cause affidavit.

The truck passed Pool and turned south onto Sweetwater Trail. Pool turned onto the road to follow the vehicle. As he neared the rear of the truck, it allegedly abruptly turned into a driveway off of Sweetwater Trail.

Immediately after pulling into the driveway, both truck doors opened and the occupants tried to exit the vehicle. Pool told both occupants to get back into the truck, which they did, the affidavit says.

Pool approached the vehicle and identified the driver as Rushton. According to the affidavit, Rushton was “immediately standoffish” towards Pool, questioning why they were stopped.

Pool reportedly told Rushton he had failed to signal the turn, which Rushton denied and said he did use the turn signal.

After speaking with him, Pool spoke with dispatch, who advised that Rushton had a driving status of habitual traffic violator.

Pool returned to Rushton and asked him to exit the truck, which he did. Pool placed Rushton in handcuffs and searched his person.

According to the affidavit, Pool located a clear, cellophane-like bag containing marijuana in his front right coin pocket.

Rushton was transported and booked into Brown County Jail.

He was charged with a Class B misdemeanor for possession of marijuana and a Level 6 felony for operating a vehicle as a habitual traffic violator. The probable cause affidavit was filed in the Brown County Prosecutor’s Office on Nov. 30.

Man faces 6 counts of invasion of privacy

Six counts of invasion of privacy, a Class A misdemeanor have been charged to 37-year-old Franklin man Christopher Wilson, after allegedly violating a protective order repeatedly last month.

The protective order was issued by the Brown County Circuit Court on Nov. 9 and served to Wilson on Nov. 12.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Joshua Bales contacted the victim by phone for a welfare check on Nov. 22.

During the call, the victim reported to Bales that Wilson had allegedly violated the protective order by contacting her via email seven times over the span of five days, from Nov. 17 to Nov. 22.

The victim forwarded the emails to Bales, which showed the separate occasions Wilson had contacted her from his personal email address.

The communications reportedly indicated that Wilson had committed the crime of invasion of privacy, according to the affidavit that was filed in the Brown County Prosecutor’s Office on Nov. 30.