SCHOOL NEWS: School board hears fiscal update, board reorganizes

The annual Brown County Schools Board of Finance meeting took place before the regular Board of School Trustees public session on Jan. 5.

Board members were presented with an annual fiscal update for the schools, with detailed financial information from the end of 2021.

The information in the presentation was collected by the Distressed Unit Appeal Board (DUAB), a department within the state of Indiana that specializes in assisting government entities that are in financial distress. DUAB also inspects annual financial reports to determine and report the fiscal health of all entities in Indiana, including schools.

The DUAB results of the fiscal health reports were compiled and assembled into graphs for Board of Finance members to review.

It was noted during the presentation that the State Board of Accounts recommends for every entity in the state to reserve a minimum of 30% of annual projected spending in a rainy day fund, in case of emergencies or other unexpected expenses.

Since 2017, Brown County schools have been struggling to reach and maintain the goal of 30% of funds in their rainy day fund, according to the presentation.

The referendum helped them reach the goal in 2021, and they will be able to maintain that balance through 2023, but if the referendum is voted against again in the future, the funds will drop below the state-recommended goal once more.

The reorganization of the 2023 Board of School Trustees took place after the finance meeting was adjourned, and was approved as follows: Amy Oliver, president; Carol Bowden, vice president; Vicki Harden, secretary.

Superintendent Emily Tracy presented the following recommendations: Dawn Ray, corporation treasurer; Jill Wray and Christy Pritt, deputy treasurers; Lewis Kappes, corporation attorney; Julie Pagnard, recording secretary.

Board compensation was approved as $2,000 per year, $112 per meeting and $62 per special session.

The board approved the appointment of Jimmy Jackson, director of maintenance and grounds; Dennis Mills, director of transportation; Dawn Ray, treasurer; Jill Wray or Christy Pruitt, deputy treasurers; David Phelps, director of technology; and Emily Tracy, superintendent as the BCS Bid Opening Committee.

Bowden will serve as the representative for the BCS Insurance Committee, Nashville Redevelopment Commission and the Brown County Area Planning Commission; Kritzer will serve as the representative for the BCS Wellness Committee and Brown County Redevelopment Commission; Harden will serve as the representative for the Birth to Five Committee.

More school news

Approval of $500 donation from Rita Simon to the CRC to be used in any areas of need.

Approval of $1,000 donation from Gaile’s Propane to the BCHS Winterguard.

Approval of the donation of $2,000 from Paul Voiles to the BCHS Winterguard.

Approval of the appointment of Cory Joy as BCHS Student Learning Recovery Mentor.

Separation with VBES Teacher, Tina Robertson, effective January, 20, 2023.

Separation with BCHS Teacher, Sarah Cochran, effective January 19, 2023.

Appointment of BCHS Assistant Wrestling Coach, Tanner Manship, effective December 19, 2022.

Appointment of BCHS Custodian, Steve Barnard, effective January 6, 2023.

Appointment of BCHS Custodian, Tamara Hatchett, effective January 6, 2023.

Appointment of BCHS 3E Grant POP Coordinator, Wendy Weddle and Allison Gootee, effective January 4, 2023.

Appointment of BCMS Assistant Wrestling Coach, Justice Guerrero, effective December 13, 2022.

Transfer of SES Master Teacher, Steffanie Davis, to VBES Teacher, effective January 20, 2023.

Transfer of VBES Preschool Paraprofessional, Leah Hiatt, to ESC Paraprofessional, effective January 9, 2023.