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The George W. Allison family established The Jacksonian newspaper in 1870 and then merged it into the new Brown County Democrat in 1883. Several longtime families including the Waltmans and the Bonds, have held ownership in the newspaper until it was purchased in 1970 by Bruce “Greg” Temple. In 2002, Home News Enterprises LLC of Columbus purchased the newspaper, along with The Marketplace, Brown County Almanack Visitors Guide, Brown County Homes Guide and www.browncountyindiana.com.

In 2015 Home News Enterprises announced it had reached an agreement to sell the Brown County Democrat and its other newspapers, online and commercial printing properties to a company that owns community newspapers in Texas.

The current owner is AIM Media Indiana LLC, an affiliate of AIM Media Texas LLC. Both companies are managed by AIM Media Management of Dallas, where Jeremy L. Halbreich serves as chairman and chief executive officer and Rick Starks is president and chief operating officer.

“It is our goal and strongest desire to continue this community service, and we look forward to providing the guidance and direction necessary for these publications to engage their local audiences and set the civic agenda and discourse in both online and print for the communities they serve,” Halbreich said. “These are important, impactful and attractive businesses located in an extraordinary and unique group of towns in southern Indiana.”


The goal and mission of the Brown County Democrat newspaper is to be THE source of news, information and ideas about Brown County, Indiana, including its residents and, to the extent they are part of the local scene, its visitors. This newspaper subscribes to the traditional ABCs of journalism: Accuracy, Brevity and Color; and strives at all times and in all ways to be impartial in its work and friendly to its readers. The content of each issue of the newspaper should provide a complete cross-sectional community portrait of life in Brown County. Pursuant to the unique status provided it by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Brown County Democrat should serve as an open public forum, ever encouraging free and open discourse on matters of local concern, as well as fight tirelessly for a transparent, open government for all citizens.


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