Maple Leaf Building Corporation meeting Wednesday

Members have been appointed to the Maple Leaf Building Corporation, and they’re having their first meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The building corporation will meet at 4 p.m. in the Salmon Room at the County Office Building. Bill Austin, Mike Laros and Robyn Bowman have volunteered to serve on it.

The Brown County Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) approved a resolution on Dec. 14 to transfer the sale contract for the Snyder property to the building corporation, in order to complete the sale.

A tentative agreement has been in place with Chuck Snyder since July to buy 13.472 acres of his farm behind Brown County Health & Living Community.

A 2,000-seat concert hall, the Maple Leaf Performing Arts Center, will be built on that land.

The CVC had been holding the contract in the meantime.

The county also has entered into a contract with a bank to take out a $12.5 million loan for all facets of the construction, including land acquisition. CVC President Kevin Ault said the building corporation will handle the closing of that contract.

Local attorney Andy Szakaly will serve as the registered agent for the Maple Leaf Building Corporation. In an email yesterday, Szakaly said this means he will receive the mail for the corporation.

The building corporation will contract with the CVC to take innkeepers tax revenue and make the mortgage payment, CVC member Barry Herring said last month.

“I don’t understand how it all works, but it’s basically a volunteer group that steps forward and says, ‘Hey, we’ll be the building corporation.’ This is considered a building corporation because it’s a mortgage,” Ault said.

The county already has one building corporation; it operates the county jail. County attorney Jake German said the Brown County Maple Leaf Building Corporation will be modeled after the jail corporation.

The Maple Leaf Management Group is another, separate entity in the Maple Leaf operation. The management group will have representatives from the CVC, the Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the county council, the county commissioners and an at-large member appointed by the CVC, according to a Maple Leaf fact sheet handed out at a Rotary meeting earlier this month.

The Maple Leaf Management Corporation will be designed and will function in much the same way as the CVB. It will also be under the direction of the CVC, according to project organizers.

The Maple Leaf Performing Arts Center is expected to be completed and open for business in the spring of 2019. Construction should take about 13 months, depending on weather, Herring said last month.