BRIGHT SPOTS: Some good news


“To renew one’s faith in mankind, just have car trouble on a main road in Brown County. My Mini Cooper broke down on Snyder Road at highway 46, Saturday afternoon. It is a testimony to the kindness of others, as we awaited a tow truck, that folks assisted my spouse in pushing the little car off the road, loaned him a phone, offered rides, called us back, got out of their cars to check on us, rolled down their windows to ask our status. A Nashville police officer stopped by to protect the wrecker. Thank you all! And special thanks to the kid in military fatigues (he reminded us of our son), to Terry, and to the young whippersnappers who yelled out that this is what happens when Purdue beats IU. ‘It’s Archie Miller’s fault.’ So grateful!”

— Marilyn Fagg

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