Letters to the editor for week of Dec. 22

Thanks to foundation for health department donation

To the editor:

The Brown County Health Department is very grateful to the Brown County Community Foundation for the money provided to us for our volunteers and the health department staff during this COVID-19 response. This money filled in the gaps for many needs not funded by state or federal agencies that occurred during the COVID vaccination clinic at the Brown County Music Center.

The Brown County vaccination clinic required extensive staffing by local health department staff, National Guard members and community volunteers in order to process the COVID vaccinations.

A purchase was made of T-shirts to help in identification of workers and volunteers during the large clinic at the music center. The money afforded us the ability to able to give our volunteers a thank you gift card for the time they spent with us in vaccinating, testing and processing registrations.

This money made it also possible to provide some lunches to staff and volunteers on-site. We purchased luncheons from various food establishments in town. In order to be fair to our local establishments, we tried to use a variety of restaurants for our order:

  • 19th Hole
  • Artist Colony Inn
  • Big Woods
  • Brown Bike
  • Brown County Inn
  • Brozinni’s
  • Casa Del Sol
  • Gyro’s
  • Nashville General Store
  • Salt Creek
  • Subway
  • Sugar Creek

The break with a free lunch was extremely helpful for morale.

The enormity of the process of vaccinating not only our county population, but some of the surrounding counties throughout this response has been a true challenge to both our operational procedures and our staffing.

Your generosity in providing this donation has been tremendously helpful in showing us that our efforts are appreciated.


The Brown County Health Department Team (Submitted by Jennifer Heller)

League asks senator to support climate change bill

To the editor:

On behalf of the League of Women Voters Brown County, I am writing to ask that Sen. Eric Koch support Sen. Ron Alting’s climate resolution and climate task force bill. The resolution acknowledges that climate change is a problem that needs to be addressed. The bill creates a bipartisan task force to develop a plan for Indiana to address climate mitigation, adaptation and economic development.

The League believes that averting the damaging effects of climate change requires action from both individuals and governments at the local, state, national and international levels. With effective climate solutions, we can help put our state, our country — and our planet — on the path to a sustainable future.

Controlling carbon pollution and developing clean, renewable energy will strengthen our economy by creating valuable employment opportunities, reducing threats to our health and protecting the natural resources that we depend upon for survival.

We also want to recognize the work of the West Lafayette students and the statewide work of the organization Confront the Climate Crisis. We support their leadership efforts in working to create systemic solutions to confront climate change. Their September press release reports that over 17,000 signatures were obtained to support Sen. Alting’s legislation on climate solutions: www.confronttheclimatecrisis.com/post/sept-24-press-release.

We are asking Sen. Koch to consider joining as a co-author to show his support for climate resolution along with Sens. Susan Glick, Mike Bohacek and John Ford. Sen. Koch has worked in the past for legislation to protect forests. We hope he will join this important planning effort for our future.

For more information on the proposed climate resolution see the Confront the Climate Crisis website: www.confronttheclimatecrisis.com/.

To write your own letter requesting support to address climate change, email Sen. Koch and his legislative assistant at [email protected] and [email protected].


Shari Frank, president, LWV Brown County

‘To the haves and have nots’ this season

To the editor:

A few years ago, I was granted the opportunity to serve and witness to men who were inmates of the Brown County jail. With a sincere desire to share the hope that’s within me, I wrote a letter to these prisoners in order to convey this hope to them.

I addressed the letter to “the guys,” referring to them as the “haves and have nots.” However, in God’s great plan and purpose, for the ages, all of us could be considered the “haves and have nots.” So, in this season of observing and rejoicing in the blessed hope, it’s my heartfelt intent to share this message as far and wide as possible. So, here goes:

To the “haves and have nots,”

And this is the record that God has given to us eternal life and this life is in His son. He that hath the son (one who believes and has faith in Jesus Christ) has life. He that hath not the son of God in his heart (one who chooses to be an unbeliever) has not life. See I John 5:11-12. Not having life would inevitably be a tragic shame and ultimately a total and permanent loss of human existence.

You might ask “why does it really matter?” or “who in the world cares?” Well, it really does matter. It’s a big deal to me, but for God who once and for all forgives and offers to us His grace as well as the fullness of His son’s life in us, this is a huge deal!

You see, God has a deep and real love for you and it’s demonstrated by the fact that He was tormented and suffered horribly to the point of being nailed to a cross that He died on. He made a once and for all sacrifice and paid the full price once and for all in order to forgive my sins, your sins and the sins of everyone in this world. God carried out the greatest action ever taken and that is He gave. What He gave is the greatest gift ever: His only begotten Son. See John 3:16.

So, guess what? However you screwed up or whatever wrong doing you committed (which includes whatever got you arrested and put in this locked up environment) you should truly be sorry and remorseful about. But just know that God, through the finished work of His son Jesus Christ, on the cross has truly forgiven you. He’s reconciled you and does not impute (in other words put on your list of charges) your sins to you. See Corinthians 5:19. While we were yet sinners and enemies of God (nonbelievers living in opposition to God’s will) Christ gave His life for us and this sacrifice removed the sin barrier that separates us from a loving and all powerful heavenly Father. See Romans 5:8-10.

But it must be said that although Christ died for sinners (a reckoning that applies to all of us), His death never saved or delivered us from capital punishment (death) that anyone who is a “have not” will face. It’s His resurrection from the grave which gave Him the victory over sin and death that, in turn, gives us a glorious hope of everlasting life through His name. Just as He wants us to know that He was our personal representative on the cross, He also calls us with loving, outstretched arms to identify with Him and His miraculous powerful resurrection. For those that are the “haves,” He desires us to experience this victory over sin and death. Whatever the world throws at us, He wants us to know that we are overcomers with Him. Glory to God!

It all comes down to this very important point.

The point is it really is a matter of life and death. God gives you free will to choose if you will be a “have or have not.” God doesn’t mass produce robots that are hardwired to automatically follow and obey Him. If you choose to have life as a follower of Jesus Christ then you know His presence in your life and He will seal you for the day of redemption. This can happen right now! Give your heart to Him.

You may feel as if you are not worthy and that God couldn’t possibly forgive you and give you eternal life with Him. Do away with that thinking. It’s a stinking lie and it comes from the father of lies who does not abide in the truth. See John 8:44.

In the history of the world, just know the greatest trade ever that took place. The unblemished lamb of God took our sins and paid that penalty once and for all on the cross of Calvary. In exchange, He wants us to know that by believing we can be justified and have the righteousness of God imparted to us. See Corinthians 5:21. I’ll make that trade in a heartbeat!

Commit yourself to Him and the good work He has begun in you. He will bring this good work to completion. See Philippians 1:6.

I’m spending time with you in this jail because I care not only about how things are for you, but also for how well things can be. It’s my fervent prayer that you’ll be amongst the “haves.” By having this life may you experience the love of Christ which passes knowledge and also He filled with all of His fullness. See Ephesians 3:19.

Put aside your present earthly status as a jailed inmate. He’s calling you to be accepted (highly favored) in the beloved and that you would stand holy and without blame before Him in love. See Ephesians 1:4-6. This won’t come about by any works by any of us, but simply by having faith in God’s amazing grace. See Ephesians 2:8-1.

In the love of Christ,

Rick Colglazier