Q&A: Author who grew up in Brown County releases collection of whiteboard illustrations for coaches

As a coach and an athlete, Karl Eagleman knows the importance of coaching cues that help communicate how an athlete can move efficiently.


In 2017, Eagleman created his “Whiteboard Daily” Instagram where he shares coaching content daily. As a result of the popularity of his Instagram account, which has over 345,000 followers, Eagleman decided to publish his first book: “The Whiteboard Daily Book of Cues: A Visual Guide to Efficient Movement for Coaches, Trainers and Athletes.”

Eagleman is a 1997 Brown County High School graduate and was raised in Nashville. His parents are Jim and Kay Eagleman.

“I’m very proud to be from Brown County and enjoyed growing up there,” he said.

“I’m very thankful to have a supportive wife and for my mom and dad who always encouraged me and my brothers to pursue our artistic ability.”

Now Eagleman works as the head strength and conditioning coach at Columbus East High School.

“Much of my inspiration comes from coaching my athletes,” he said.

“I’m constantly learning from other coaches who are much smarter and more experienced than me. I want to constantly learn from others so I can be the best coach that I can be.”

“The Whiteboard Daily Book of Cues: A Visual Guide to Efficient Movement for Coaches, Trainers and Athletes”

The Brown County Democrat sends out a questionnaire to authors with local ties who have recently published a book.

Read more about Eagleman and his first published book below.

Q: In 25 words or less (for each), what are the books about?

A: My book is a collection of whiteboard illustrations that communicate coaching education, including coaching cues, movement sequences, and sports performance perspectives.

Q: What inspired you to write them?

A: As a coach and athlete myself, I have experienced the value of coaching cues that help communicate how to move efficiently. There is no “golden cue” that works for everyone all the time. The more cues you have in your mental toolbox, the better coach and athlete you can be. I thought it would be useful to create the largest collection of coaching cues ever.

Q: What’s your writing ritual? In what environment do you work best?

A: When I learn a new cue or find something useful to share, I do research to make sure it’s correct. I’ll write up a short caption to explain how and when the cue should be used. Then I’ll draw it up on a whiteboard. Once it looks good, I’ll take a photo of it and clean it up in Photoshop. I’ll then post it on Instagram and save that file and caption for my next book, “The Whiteboard Daily Book of Cues: Volume 2.”

Q: What’s the last book you read? Do you have a favorite?

A: The last book I read was my favorite; Atomic Habits by James Clear. Clear does a phenomenal job of helping others understand how to get the most of each day. I admire how he is able to simplify complex concepts.

Q: Where can people buy the books, and for how much?

A: Simply search for “Whiteboard Daily” or Karl Eagleman on Amazon. I also have links to other retailers on my bio on Instagram @whiteboard_daily.

Q: Do you have any book signings or related events planned?

A: My first signing was in Las Vegas at the USA Weightlifting National Championships at the end of June. Since many of my coaching cues are for Olympic weightlifting, it was a perfect fit. I am also planning another book signing for later this summer at Viewpoint Books in Columbus.