Poetic tribute to Coach Rudy Crabtree


Poetic tribute to Coach Rudy Crabtree

The angels and the devils got to arguing one day

And neither side liked what the other had to say.

Sports was the main topic and who was more athletic

The animus and rancor got really energetic.

Michael, the Archangel, just then came flying by

He overheard the ruckus and heaved an anxious sigh.

“Someone please inform me what this commotion is about.”

The angels all in unison gave out a mighty shout,

“We’ve been challenged by these fiends to a competition!

We believe a contest should be our next great mission.

Soccer, swimming, cricket; we don’t care at all

Rowing, track and field, even pickle ball!”

Then, like an epiphany, they trumpeted with one voice,

“Basketball! That’s the ticket, will be the sport of choice!’

Michael flapped his wings and said as he flew away,

“I’ll have to square this with the Boss or we cannot play.”

He arrived back very quickly and said He had good news.

“We can play against those demons, but better never lose!

So they called up Coach Randy for conditioning and strength

And the General as well cuz he throws a chair great length.

Then His final pick completed all His needs,

He called up Rudy Crabtree and put him in the lead.

Practices were grueling but Coach had to make ‘em strong

“Preparation is the key so nothing can go wrong!”

He had them flying wind sprints, doing isometrics too

They shot so many free throws their wings were black &blue

Coach showed them how to put a foot on those devils’ tails

So when they went to rebound they’d jerk and then they’d yell!

The angels won the tip-off and you should have seen ‘em go

The Seraphim and Cherubim put on a sterling show.

It was 96 to 7 when the final bell did ring,

The demons were despondent as the heavenly host did sing.

And they heard Coach Rudy say as he reached the streets of gold

“Winning and loving Jesus, friends, never does get old!”

A poetic tribute to Coach Rudy Crabtree

With a tip of the hat to Coach Randy Minniear &The “General”

By Blake Wolpert

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