We need little introduction


I would say nice to meet you, Brown County. But I am very familiar with you.

I’m a Brown County local and attended Brown County Schools throughout high school. I was involved in theater, cheerleading and 4-H as a child. From a young age, my favorite things to do were read and write. I loved researching every topic I could think of just to write reports about them; I believe I knew from a young age that writing would play a pivotal role in my future.

I received a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and creative writing from Indiana University Indianapolis, where I also hosted events for the School of Liberal Arts. Working with the media department fostered my love for journalism and allowed it to keep growing. I have previous hosting experience, as well as guest appearances on various news channels.

One thing people might not know about me is that I am also an actor.

Recently, my film, Running the Bases, premiered in theaters which was a very surreal experience. Working in the acting and modeling realm from a young age gave me the confidence to pursue my career in journalism. I have always been very interested in news and the power that media holds. The news can connect communities just as easily as it can divide them. I want to do my best to provide the most neutral and straightforward information to the people of Brown County. I’m very excited and honored to start my career with the Brown County Democrat because there’s no better place to start than home!

As we all know, this town is very special. Shining light on the artistry and care in this community is what made me want to work here in the first place. I look forward to getting to know each of your stories a little better, and I thank you for your patience with me throughout this process.

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