Brownie: Road Signs on State Road 45


I guess it’s like they say, when the cat goes away, the mice come out to play. I’ve been licking my chops at all the questions youse guys have been horning me about. I’m like that cat with the meatloaf, or was it lasagna? Geez Louise I’m just bumping gums.

It’s me – Brownie – and as usual, I’ve got the lowdown for you.

Allow me to set the scene, I was busy listening to jazz and searching for the meaning of life; if you birds figure it out, let your old friend in on the secret. I’ve got my radio programs and trench coat. That’s close enough for me, unless any of you can play the sax for an old man.

Steven Smith was caught in the rain and asked for this ol’ tec’s help.

Brownie, What’s the deal with the horse and buggy highway signs on State Road 45 and also on both sides of Helmsburg? There aren’t any Amish families or horse and buggies around there, are there?

You know me — just the facts, ma’am. So I reached straight out to my pal Sydney Nierman at the Indiana Department of Transportation Southeast. Sydney got back to me faster than trying to take a hack through the East Side of Manhattan.

In 2019 INDOT received a customer service inquiry from a local resident asking if INDOT could install horse and buggy warning signs along S.R. 45, as the resident and other residents in the area planned to begin traveling by horse and buggy more frequently. INDOT did a thorough and proper investigation of the inquiry and found it suitable to install the horse and buggy signs along S.R. 45 in Needmore, Helmsburg, and Bean Blossom to increase awareness and help alert motorists that horse and buggies may also be traveling through the area.

Well that was duck soup. Thank you, Sydney, for reminding me of my time burning up the road during my late night stakeouts. The Bronx might be a nice joint, but I’d leave in a lather anytime I tried to take my beater through that apple.

Nashville is the right kind of jam. I can cruise in my bruiser without a care in the world or traffic in sight. A little birdie told me that we’re rolling out the red carpets for the eclipse this April. They’re saying it’s a high sign for tourists.

Everyone else can get all worked up about that, I guess. Me, I won’t be leaving my cave that day unless I want a hot cup of joe or a slugburger.

Steady on, Brown County. Keep those questions coming for your pal Brownie. Just whistle — you do know how to whistle … don’t you … at [email protected] and my gal Friday will make sure I get the question. Abyssinia!

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