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Vehicle on fire, Driver injured

Van Buren TWP. – On May 18, Sheriff’s Deputy Cody Loncaric responded to a crash on Houston Road at the intersection of State Road 135 S. According to the report, a 2008 blue Chevrolet Silverado was stuck against a tree, on fire.

Loncaric allegedly saw driver Malachi Petro in a field speaking with Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffery Dames. According to the report, Petro was stumbling around in the brush. Loncaric allegedly saw him fall and stand up several times.

Petro was checked out by Emergency Medical Services before being transported to Columbus Regional Hospital for his severe burns. The Southern Brown Fire Department put out the flames and what was left of the vehicle was towed. According to the report, there are ruts in the field where Petro attempted to drive out of the woods after the crash.

Indianapolis man charged for driving while suspended on State Road 135

NASHVILLE – A 33-year-old Indianapolis man Anthony Wheeler has been charged with a class A misdemeanor for driving while suspended.

On April 7, Sheriff’s Deputy Zaccary Sheppard was on State Road 135 N and received information that a white Jeep Wrangler was southbound on State Road 135 and the registered owner had a suspended driving status.

According to the report, Sheppard was able to access a BMV photograph of Wheeler. Sheppard allegedly observed the vehicle traveling 62 miles-per-hour in a 45 miles-per-hour zone. According to the report, he performed a routine traffic stop and obtained Wheeler’s license and registration.

Sheppard allegedly requested dispatch to print off Wheeler’s BMV return and observed that Wheeler had nine suspensions and five convictions on his driving record. Sheppard allegedly explained to Wheeler about his suspended license and Wheeler told him that his license was not actually suspended. Wheeler allegedly said that every time he changes car insurance companies, his license shows a suspended statud.

According to the report, Wheeler said that the last time this happened he contacted the BMV and they told him it was suspended because he did not carry the SR22, but his insurance companies told him he did not need to carry it.

According to the report, Sheppard provided Wheeler with an Information and Summons for driving while suspended prior and a warning for his speed.

Martinsville woman charged with misdemeanor for driving while suspended

NASHVILLE – A 38-year-old Martinsville woman Alicia Saylor has been charged with a class A misdemeanor for driving while suspended on a highway less than 10 years after a prior unrelated violation.

On April 1, Sheriff’s Officer Oliver Hitz was parked at the Antique Mall (3231 State Road 46 E) running radar when he ran the license plate on a 2014 black Chevrolet Traverse.

According to the report, the vehicle was returned to Saylor and showed that she has a suspended driver’s license with prior convictions. Hitz allegedly stopped the vehicle and identified Saylor as the driver.

According to the report, Hitz informed Saylor that he stopped her because of her suspended license. She allegedly acknowledged the situation and said that the issue should have been fixed.

According to the report, dispatch informed Hitz that Saylor had 26 points on her license with a prior suspended status. Dispatch also allegedly advised that she had nine suspensions with nine convictions including the most current one on March 21.

When Hitz questioned her, Saylor allegedly told him that she was on her way home from her work as a cleaner. According to the report, Hitz explained that she would no longer be able to drive and instructed her to organize a pickup for the vehicle.

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