Fitness studio returns to where it all began

Through the door between PNC Bank and the Wild Olive on Main Street and up the stairs, you’ll find yoga mats, plants and some zen at Simply Fitness.

Simply Fitness, a personal training and yoga studio, opened back up in its second floor space not far from where it once began.

Simply Fitness owner, instructor and trainer Erica Weddle grabbed a giant pair of scissors to cut the ribbon on her upstairs studio during a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Brown County Chamber of Commerce this month.

This was not her first time cutting the ribbon on this space. Simply Fitness opened five years ago in the same location.

The business then moved to 47 E. Main St. — just a few blocks east.

With COVID-19 shutting down fitness centers across the world, Weddle also decided to take a pause. She moved all of her classes and training sessions to Zoom, meeting with clients virtually.

“It worked well for 14 months,” she said.

“But (this) spring, people were getting Zoomed out.”

That’s when she decided to open the paddle board element of her business, offering yoga training with extra intentional balance on the water at Yellowwood Lake.

Weddle started Simply Fitness early in 2016 in Launch Brown County, a space created through the Brown County Chamber of Commerce to help new businesses get started.

When she had been on the second floor of that same building five years ago, she was in one of the small offices.

Weddle has been a certified personal trainer for six years and began teaching yoga not long after that.

Moving back into the space where it all began, Weddle can now instruct up to eight individuals at a time. Now her studio overlooks Main Street.

Weddle had reached out to the Brown County Chamber of Commerce about a potential location for her studio and was told the space was empty.

“I was looking all over town,” she said. “I had other things in my back pocket, but this was just financially a better option for now. … It just worked out that this space was available to me.”

Weddle provides private personal and yoga training sessions as well as weekly group classes. She also offers wellness retreats, off-site functions and has specialty classes, like acupuncture, from time to time.